Letter: A suggestion for the medical researchers of the world

During an interaction with my professor, I discussed the idea of how to cure Coronavirus. He said it was possible. When a vertebrate is infected with a virus, antibodies are produced to fight the virus and a subset of these antibodies can block virus infection by a process which is called neutralization.
Cloning is the latest invention of Biotechnology. Being a student of Science, I believe that Scientists and Researchers, throughout the globe, should find out the antibodies in the recovered or recovering patients of Coronavirus. Identify antibodies that are working against the virus and then the antibodies should be collected from the plasma of the recovering patient to either clone or the antigen should be manufactured.
In the patients, the antigen will generate multiple antibodies that will neutralize the virus. The process is expensive but to save the world from this deadly virus, all countries should come together to defeat Coronavirus.
Sumaira Aslam Baloch – Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences (LUAWMS)
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