Balochistan Needs a Cancer Hospital

Gohram Baloch
Cancer is one of the most challenging health problems worldwide. In developing countries like Pakistan this problem is more severe and painful due to poverty, illiteracy, and lack of awareness; especially in backward areas. Balochistan is most backward province of Pakistan. It lacks several facilities which other provinces ensure. Due to this the people of Balochistan suffer horribly. Nevertheless, the people of Balochistan are mature enough in order to struggle to solve the problems by themselves.
Civil Society of Balochistan has shown keen interest in societal issues. Recently, cases of two cancer patients; Hajira, a 13 year old patient, who belongs from Kharan and Shey Murred Baloch a 18 years old from Nushki, came to limelight. Both of them are suffering from acute leukemia and its treatment is very costly. Families of these patients could not afford to get them treated. Both cases were highlighted by civil society and then they went viral on social media. As a result civil society managed to collect donations for them and their families managed to take them to Aga Khan University (AKU) Hospital Karachi for treatment.
No doubt, the struggle and efforts of civil society are undeniable. Those who financially supported and helped ‎Shay Mureed and Hajira Baloch did praiseworthy job. Nevertheless, charitable approach and philanthropic methods remain ill-suited to get sustainable solution for this problem. Therefore, all educated classes have to get together and show commitment to develop awareness among public for a meaningful social welfare organized movement.
Hence, it is high time; the government of Balochistan has to establish a hospital for the treatment of cancer in the province or a branch of Shoukat Khanum hospital can be established in Quetta in order to provide people of Balochistan the facilitates to get cancer treatment. Civil Society has to collectively struggle to establish a well-equipped, well-furnished cancer hospitals in Balochistan with best human capital.
Furthermore, the permanent solution of such kind of problems is not through donations. The province of Balochistan directly feels the absence of a Cancer hospital. Rest of provinces has cancer hospitals in form of Shoukat Khanum Hospital and Aga Khan Hospital. In case of Balochistan there is just one small Cenar Cancer hospital which is not sufficiently equipped to treat cancer patients.
In order to achieve this target, a large-scale awareness campaign has to be launched. This campaign should sensitize the high ranking officials about the need for a cancer hospital in Balochistan. Public awareness about this idea needs to be spread at a wide scale. It’s going to be a painstaking task but must be initiated to save the life of cancer patients coming from Balochistan in near future.
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