Success Stories

Success Stories


Success Stories

1) On 31st March 2016, we reported that Surab: Hajika Government Boys High School Deprived of Basic Facilities
Action was taken as a result and Government Announced to Build Additional Classrooms in Hajika School


A scene of open sky class


2) On 22nd April, we argued Editorial: Time to Crackdown Against Corruption in Balochistan
Just after two weeks, biggest anti-corruption drive in histiry of Balochistan was initiated Anti-corruption Drive: Secretary Finance Arrested and Advisor Resigned




3) There were certain interest groups who wanted to delay the provincial competitive exams in Balochistan. We demanded Editorial: PCS Exams Must not be Postponed
After Deliberations, Government of Balochistan announced to hold PCS and Master Exams on Time, Separate Masters Exams for Students Appearing in Both



4) On December 1, we achieved the distinction of becoming the first media organization in Balochistan to produce and publish a data Journalism Story.
Pakistan: Governance fails to improve partially due to vacancies in key organizations




5) Balochistan Voices effectively campaigned for establishment of a cancer Hospital in Balochistan after death of Rehan Rind due to cancer.
on 6th February 2017, Government of Balochistan announced to establish a cancer hospital in Balochistan.

6) Balochistan Voices became the first online newspaper in Balochistan to celebrate its first anniversary on 24th February 2017.


7) Balochistan Voices exposed Ad-Hocism in the Education department of Balochistan where 38 key positions of the department were lying vacant and juniors were posted on senior positions.
After three days, Chief Secretary took notice of this issue and ordered to reverse the posting orders of juniors on higher positions.
8) In November 2016, Balochistan Voices raised the issue that there is No IELTS Testing Center in Balochistan which is causing problems for the students.
In January 2017, Education department of Balochistan and British Council signed a MoU to conduct IELTS tests in Balochistan which are expected to start from July this year.

Note: We don’t claim an exclusive credit of the success stories but we did play a significant part in them.