Chagai: Severe Drought in Rural Areas of Nok Kundi

Hassan BalochNok Kundi: Nok Kundi area is experiencing a severe drought amid the inaction of government and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).
After Nushki and Dalbandin, it has been revealed that rural areas of Nok Kundi Rural have been badly affected by drought.
According to local sources, due to few rainfalls this year people of Jhali, Taftan, Saindak, Kachao and Talaab are the main victims of drought this year.
Livestock is the primary source of livelihood of people of rural areas of Nok Kundi which is gradually diminishing due to drought.
Karezs have dried up and as a result the agriculture has ceased entirely in Nok Kundi area.
Due to shortage of water natural grazing lands are diminishing up in Nok Kundi and it has threatened the existence of a lot of unique species in the area.
Forests are also shrinking in size and volume due to shortage of water and it is directly threatening the ecosystem of the area.

FAO, WFP, WWF and PDMA acting as silent spectator in drought situation – Local citizens

Due to drought the people from rural areas are migrating to urban areas and they have become Internally Displaced People (IDPs) due to drought.
Influx of drought IDPs is putting burden on small urban centers and creating problems for the already settled population.
Government and NGOs are just observing the situation as silent spectators and doing nothing.
“Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), World Food Program (WFP) and World Wildlife fund (WWF) operate in Balochistan but they do not bother to help drought victims in Nok Kundi,” Halim Baloch, a local social worker told Balochistan Voices.
Mr. Halim also criticized Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) for its unnecessary delay in response for the affected people.
Through the platform of Balochistan Voices, people of rural areas of Nok Kundi have urged government of Balochistan and NGOs to help the drought affect people on war footings.
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