Collective Efforts Required to Control Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is very common, yet ignored, problem in our society and there are many strange types of uses of drug. Wealthy people use it to show their standard while poor people use it to overcome their depression and some people use it a fashion. Nevertheless all utilities of drugs have the similar result in the form of destruction of mental and physical health.
Drug Abuse is one of the main issues in Balochistan which is destroying many families. The drug addicts become so powerless over their Drug Abuse that everything becomes meaningless to them. The increasing needs of drug consumption by the addicts disturb the peace of a family.  The number of drug addicts is increasing day by day and many people, mostly juveniles have died due to it. They become so habitual of Drug Abuse that the punishment given by parents leads them to suicide. We hardly find one or two families who aren’t affected due to Drug Abuse.
The Drug Abuse has brought such a bad change in our societies that it can’t be overcome by the struggle of only one individual. Civil Society, Media and politicians have to make joint efforts to rid the society of the curse of drugs abuse. Citizens need to put pressure on government to crack down on all suppliers of drugs in Balochistan.

Yasmeen Baloch – Quetta

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