Education of Women in Baloch Society

Yasmeen Baloch
Education plays a miraculous role to enable an individual to be successful and it is necessary for everyone to be educated most importantly for a woman. It is well-known that when a man gets education then an individual is educated but when a woman acquires education then a whole nation is educated. The role of an educated woman matters the most for the development of a society than that of a man. There are many factors that affect the education of a girl, in some places such factors are removed and in some places they badly affect the lives of girls.
In Balochistan most females are compelled to get married after their matriculation and that is a very cheap idea. Here if a female who is a student of Matric, uses internet then it is considered a sin. It is the 21st century and eras of competition but here parents still tell their daughters to bake bread on fire.
It doesn’t matter at all that we don’t have facilities like America. We have facilities but unfortunately we are ignoring them ourselves. The biggest facility that every baloch female has, it’s the power of speech. In Balochistan many females are struggling to stand against injustice and violence but in some cases either their hard work is ignored or stopped.
Educationally, Balochistan is in a deplorable condition where women are illiterate in a great number and total literacy rate that is 34% against the national literacy rate of 52%. Likewise, the literacy rate among women in Balochistan is also the worst in the country. With only 27% literate women, Balochistan stands poorly in education.
Many hurdles come in the lives of women that stop them from getting education and one of the main reasons is Government itself that has never taken any action against the increasing problems in Women lives in Balochistan. Hundreds of women are killed in the name of honor killings and Khalida Brohi has done a great job by speaking against these cruel traditions.
In Balochistan girls are told to handle and manage household works only, their parents prohibit them from going to schools, from getting education and co-education. It is thought by the members of our societies that they will ruin their respect, spoil their image, they will break the traditions! And this concept is commonly generated in the minds of all parents in Balochistan. Most of the parents don’t send their Daughters in Schools, stop them from joining educational activities because they think they are Baloch and Muslim.
As we all know it is a very tough time for Balochistan and instead that we should help in sorting out the problems we go back. Every time, the same harsh words are echoed in our ears that don’t do this, don’t do that Because you are a baloch, don’t go in a co-educational school because you are a baloch, don’t step out of our house for getting education because you are a Muslim and such thoughts exempt our minds from thinking anything positive.
Girls can change the map of nation; girls are born to stand against violence, they are born to clear the mind-setups, they are born to eradicate ignorance, they are born to finish the rumors that are brought by narrow-minded people in our socities, they are born to bring revolution in the world. Especially Baloch girls have god gifted talents but they can’t boost their talent because of the rumors.
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