Mastung: Severe Drop in Water Table

Mastung: Level of underground water in Mastung district has dropped to 200 feet which is severe.
Mastung used to be a district with sufficient water available at minor depths; however the situation is changing now.
Karez, a type of ancient irrigation system, was the primary source of water in Mastung just like other areas of Balochistan.  According to the data of irrigation department there used to be 365 Karez in Mastung and now only 2 of them have water rest have dried up.
According to irrigational experts there are more than 2,000 Karez and over 300 streams in the provinces which are used for water. More than 3,600 Tube Wells are also operating in Balochistan which have caused a severe drop in water table, claim irrigational experts.
Experts believe that if dams are not built in Mastung on emergency basis then it can present the scene of Nushki and Chagai in near future.
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