Nok Kundi: Problems of Damaged Highway and Lack of Fire Brigade Service

Hassan Baloch
Nok Kundi: Highway from Nok Kundi to Taftan is very badly damaged and can be a cause of deadly accident at anytime.
Balochistan Voices has learnt that road from Nok Kundi to Taftan is damaged on more than 40 places. There are heap of sands on the road which can cause fatal accidents anytime
This road is used for Taftan transit gate and for Saindak project but still it’s in very bad shape.
Repair of the road has not been a part of the priorities of the government officials.
People of Nok Kundi have urged the government to repair the damaged sections of the road at all places to reduce the chances of road accidents.
No fire Brigade Service in Nok Kundi
Nok Kundi is town located over 100 Kilometer from Dalbandin has a population of over 25,000 people but it does not have a single fire brigade to deal with emergency fire situation.
This can result in loss of life and damage to property of poor people in case a fire erupts anytime in the town.
People of Nok Kundi have demanded from Chief Minister of Balochistan to develop a Fire Brigade station in Nok Kundi to save life of people in case of emergency.
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