Youth and Civil Society

Civil society is the most important pillar of any society which plays a significant role in the development and in the progress of a nation. It is the ears and the eyes of any society. Change is imminent when the educated youth at the platform of civil society work for the betterment of society by and large. In present circumstance it is incumbent upon the enlightened youth to set parameters for ensuring a progressive and peaceful society because the old norms and values prevailing in society are futile.
Notwithstanding, Arab spring was the ultimate outcome of emergence of enlightened youth that disparaged the historical and anachronistic status quo which was incompatible with modernism. Certainly, changes in the ancient dynamics in many Middle Eastern countries were the fruition of “youth bulged”.  Enlightened youth can be harbinger of change if they know their constitutional rights and limitations. They will obviously jettison their respective governments and those who are at the helm of affairs from going astray. It is tantamount to say that the youth of present era are more liberal, open- minded, meticulous and critical and able to resist the injustice with knowledge and potential of strength. The constructed and rough narratives which were inculcated by the historical events are being challenged and wiped out by the progressive youth which is appreciated by every quarter.
The recent attacks on universities and colleges in Pakistan are meant to kill the great minds of the future i.e., the Newton and Einstein of posterity. In this guilt, state owned and state disowned organizations are involved. In spite of providing them with the pen state is providing them with licensed gun to protect themselves which is essentially and out an out the sole responsibility of the state. Today the youth are under seized and this is because of the state rogue policies of past and present.
In today’s Pakistan youth is the soft target of terrorists and the militants in one way or the other.  Whether these are state disseminated propagandas or the fundamentalist dominated Madrassahs are equally polluting the minds of youth. The process of radicalization and de-radicalization are at the pinnacle in the incumbent environment. The state made curriculum and the so-called free media are further escalating the issue by pushing them away from ground realities. Youth are following what the ascendant mindset is directing them to follow rather than creating their own which is matter of grave concern. They have been fallen a prey to the elitist mind-set, where there is nothing concrete for them except destructions. They are directionless and disappointed in the present scenario. Youth has been sandwiched between two mind-sets, of them one owned by the state and the other the contractors of faith. The ideologies like liberalism, modernism, extremism are the real bone of contentions which if not settled down will weaken the society. So much as, both the school of thought are materializing their own covetous interests by using the younger generation as a sharp tool. Civil society which encompasses the enlightened youth is without order and agenda. It lacks a pure ideology in order to stir with. It lacks callous and enigmatic, trustworthy leader to lead them. Notwithstanding, youth is a gigantic human resource if utilized in a progressive and positive manner. Undoubtedly, it would be harbinger of change as it has been in many developing states.
Currently, it seems if state disowns the youth which comprises the major chunk of population.  It is limited to attaining a petty job and to be hand to mouth. It is tantamount to say that state is using various techniques in order to limit the revolutionary thinking of the open-minded youth by ensuring them not a secured future but to make him a daily wager.  Despite being the main agendas of the manifestos of many political parties’ youth is ignored practically in policy making. Unless and until, a conducive environment for the youth is ensured, the possibility of a bloody revolution in Pakistan cannot be disparaged. Youth must follow the stereotyped stigmas but to create their own, follow their own and throw away what being imposed upon them by the few mighty who hold the major chunk of resources and the power.
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Rehan Baloch is a freelance columnist, a former youth parliamentarian and Gold medalist in the discipline of history / politics and literature from GCU Lahore. He is a featured columnist for Balochistan Voices.