Balochi Literature and Culture

Yasmeen Baloch
Poetry or literature can’t be said as subsided water, but it can be said a river which flows forever. Every nation has its own literature. There are some great people who put their heart and soul in working for Balochi literature like; Saba Dashtiyari, Syed Hashmi, Atta Shad and after them many young people struggled for it that is in front of us today in shape of “Balochi Academy” and “Syed Hashmi reference Library.
Balochi literature owns its own alphabets which are called “Balochi Tep’’, that is quite different from Urdu Alphabets.The Balochi literature is derived from Persian language. The most important word of Balochi language are (ءَ،ءِ،ء”) that help in writing and reading balochi fluently.
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Vsh News channel is also playing a miraculous role in the promotion of Balochi literature and highlighting major events like “Balochi Culture day”, which is celebrated with Great Spirit on 2nd March every year. Through this channel many Baloch have come to know that they have a culture, heritage and their own language. Many books have been published for the ease of Balochs in order to comprehend the rules for Balochi Language and the main publications are of “Balochi Academy”.
Before Balochi Language, Balochi culture was taken as a joke, everyone knew that there is Balochistan, Balochs and a language known as Balochi but no one could disclose the mythology of our ancient monarchs, slowly and gradually with the passage of time a lot of changes came in Balochi Language and however Syed Hashmi became successful in putting his all efforts in the shape of a library where today we can find maximum information referring to his books and struggle.
A few years prior, Balochs were ashamed of wearing their own dress, talking their mother tongue, but now we find major amendments in the customs of Balochistan as said:” Variety is the spice of Life”, Changes are found in the dressing of Balochs, language of Balochs, Somehow the brawl has diminished between Brahvi and Baloch tribes because before it was considered that Brahvi is a different tribe, but now it’s clear that both are same.
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