Mastung: Parents Complaint against Hike in Private School’s Fee

Deedag Baloch
Mastung: Parents of school going children in Mastung have complained against the increase in fee of private schools.
Due to lack of proper educational facilities in government schools parents send their children to Private schools. Increase in fee is forcing the parents to admit their children to government schools again.
Parents of students complaint that private schools have become highly profitable businesses rather than education imparting institutes.
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Some of the parents said that they have no choice but to continue paying the high fees of private schools and it’s certainly not fair.
Private Schools, reportedly, increase their fee twice a year and they also charge new admission fee when students are transferred from one branch of the same school to another branch.
Despite charging very high fees, private schools lack fully function computer and science lab, qualified teachers and proper playgrounds, lament the parents.
Parents of school children in Mastung have urged government of Balochistan to regulate the private schools and control the unfair hike in fee.
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