Mastung: Protest against Chief Executive of Hospital

Deedag Baloch
Mastung: Employees of Shaheed Nawab Ghaus Baksh Raisani Hospital protested against Chief Executive of the hospital, on Monday.
Employees held the protest demonstration outside Mastung Press Club and chanted slogans against the administration of Shaheed Nawab Ghaus Baksh Raisani Hospital.
Protestors alleged that Chief Executive and Deputy Chief Executive of hospital have destroyed the hospital by dismissing employees without any reason and increasing the fees of hospitals and creating problems for poor patients.
Employees further said that it has become a hobby for the Chief Executive of the hospital to dismiss the employees without any reason.
“Cases of corruption of Millions of rupees against Chief Executive are still pending when he was in Bolan Medical College (BMC) Hospital,” said the protestors. They also questioned that how such a corrupt officer is allowed to remain in charge of Shaheed Nawab Ghaus Baksh Raisani Hospital.
Protestors urged government officials and political parties to take notice of the actions of corrupt officers and help save the hospital.
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