Surab: People suffering Due to Load Shedding

Kalat: People of Surab are suffering due to long hours of electricity load shedding, learnt Balochistan Voices.
Electricity load shedding in last five years has led to many social and economical crises in Surab.
Mr. Naseeb Zaib, a resident of Surab, said that “WAPDA provides us electricity only 9 hours out of 24 hours, even in winter season, which is injustice with people of Surab.”
Mr. Zaib further added that people of Surab pay their electricity bills on time but there is no electricity for them.
Lives and daily routines of poor people of Surab are badly disturbed due to load-shedding.
Farmers of Surab are strongly protesting over the power Shortage problem because load-shedding has destroyed many crops in Surab. Water tube-wells are not operating fully and efficiently due to load-shedding.
Mr. Abdul Malik, student of Degree College Surab, Said that “When electricity is not provided to our houses than our study rooms are drawn into darkness due to this students are unable to study.”
“QESCO treats people of Surab as Stepsons,” lamented Mr. Malik.
Due to long duration of load-shedding students of Surab are unable to complete their educational obligation on proper time.
Mr. Lal Mohammad, a shopkeeper, said that “load-Shedding affects every area of Surab’s People lives and cause a great loss in our business. People of Surab are familiar with expression of load-shedding. Even our child cries out when the light is off.”
Further he added that every Shopkeeper of Surab cannot afford expensive power generators due to on-going electricity load shedding. It is a big issue for each Shopkeeper of Surab that how to get rid of this situation.
Mr. Mohammad urged government to resolve energy crisis and reduce load-shedding hours in Surab.
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