Balochi Film Industry

Yasmeen Baloch
The starting of Balochi film Industry was a tragedy. Balochi films on media but couldn’t get good feedback. The dialogues and roles of women were performed by men which was embarrassing. Balochi films were blurred and they were not so clear to watch visually.
The first Balochi film was “Hammal o Mahganj”. That time it was liked very much but now we can’t find its plays anywhere. In 1989, the first Balochi dubbing movie was released whose name was “Dadshah”.
With the rapid acknowledgement of media, Balochi films were given vigor by an adolescent pioneer known as Dr. Haneef Shareef. The films of Dr. Haneef Shareef include “mani pethaa braath nesth, Manzil,Balaach” and his most commendable film is “Kareem” that was launched in 2015, it was one of his super hit film.
The very talented actors have also revealed their unseen talent. There are many successful actors who add beauty to the films with their styles and actions. Actors like Anwar Ghulam (Aadenk, zoorak),Rashid Bewas (Karwaan, Bemuraad),Saeed Shah (Betach, Drandeh) and Waqar Baloch who also acts in comedian films. Such other actors are Fazal Hayat, Sarfraz Mohammed. Most films in Balochi film industry are revolutionary and are liked very much by people.
The first Balochi film wasn’t released in cinemas due to some obstacles. It was based on a real love story which was directed by “Aslam Baloch”. The actors were “Anita Gul, Anwar Iqbal, Noor Mohammad lashari, Shakeel Lasi, Asghar, Nadir Shah Adil, Mehmood Ladi and Mohammed Hussain Madari. The musician of this film was “Fateh Mohammed “and it was written by “Syed Zahoor Shah Hashmi” which was appreciated very much.
Some of the Balochi films that can be called nice and successful films are “Jageen, Ganjen Gawadar, Rahdarbar, Aadenk, Sawad, Karwaan, Hankain and Bemuraad.
There are still obstacles in the betterment of Balochi films .There are some Balochi films where the roles and dialogues of women are still being performed by men. Second problem is that Baloch have not surplus sources to make their films better and they spend very less money in production of films. Even though they have not much sources, some talented actors and directors are making such films that bewilder us when we see them that signifies the talent of Baloch actors.
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