Civil Society Balochistan Condemns Police Brutality on Young Doctors

Quetta: Civil Society Balochistan (CSB) has strongly condemned the act of police brutality against Young Doctors of Quetta and demanded action against the officers involved.
The statement was made by Sami Zarkoon, Convener of CSB and Imdad Baloch, Deputy Convener of CSB.
CSB is a coalition of citizens of Balochistan who raise voice on issues of public importance.
Yesterday, more than ten doctors were wounded due to baton Charge by Police during a protest by members of Young Doctors Association (YDA) against missing facilities in government hospitals of Quetta.
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CSB members have stated that peaceful protest is democratic right of every citizen and depriving them of this right is violation of law.
“Government should take the demand of young doctors serious and should act on them instantly to solve the matter to ensure smooth functioning of government hospitals,” said Sami Zarkoon.
He further added that “Civil Society Balochistan believes that doctors should not boycott the hospitals but we also realize the government has forced the doctors to come on roads to protest.”
Imdad Baloch lamented the attitude of provincial government which has forced the educated lot of society to come on roads and protest for their due rights.
“Government of Balochistan and district Administration of Quetta has completely mishandled the protest of young doctors and exposed their incompetence,” added Mr. Baloch.
Sami Zarkoon appreciated the instant action taken by Chief Minister Balochistan on the issue. “More needs to be done by government to tackle the issue and dispense justice,” demanded convener of CSB.
CSB ensured its full support to YDA and vowed to unequivocally support them in their campaign for getting their due rights.
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