Nok Kundi: Load Shedding increased with rise in Temperature

Nok Kundi: Electricity load shedding has increased in Nok Kundi area of district Chagai as temperature has increased, learnt Balochistan Voices.
Nok Kundi is provided with just 5 hours of electricity per day as compared to 12 hours of electricity before the summer season.
Nok Kundi is situated in near border of Iran and Afghanistan and its one of the hottest areas in Balochistan.
Nok Kundi is supplied electricity through a diesel power electricity generation unit installed in Nok Kundi. Due to delay in supply of diesel, there is often 24 hours load shedding in Nok Kundi for several days.
Saindak project has donated two 500 KV generators for Nok Kundi but they have failed to sort out the problem.
Quetta Electricity Supply Company (QESCO) chief had promised to supply 12 hours of electricity to Nok Kundi few months back.
People of Nok Kundi have appealed from QESCO chief to fulfill his promise and ensure supply of 12 hours electricity to people of Nok Kundi.
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