CPEC: Need for Idealistic Policies in Balochistan

Saeed Yousuf Baloch
China Pakistan Economic corridor will be a mile stone for Balochistan if the policy makers systematically work on the futuristic agendas and envisage such policies that are pro-people and benefit them and the government on a broader spectrum.
There needs to be cost and economic analysis and also parameters in relation to contemporary criterion. Balochistan government must adopt idealistic and visionary policies that will pave the way for progress and prosperity in the province.
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Stance of the current coalition government must be on its clear directions that at any cost, they will get maximum benefit from the mega project, because this project is going to be the life line for the entire region.
Language is the medium through which one conveys his massage to others, and effective communication strategy will fill that gap in an adroit manner. In order to attain the real objectives of CPEC, Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif envisions the dire need of effective communication among Chinese and Pakistani People. For the same purpose he has started a program to send Punjab domiciled Youths from all sphere of life to learn Chinese Language and for the said allocated a bulk amount of funds. It shows the commitment of Punjab government for its people. Specifically this program is on its full operational stage and many youth have got the training.
This must be clear that in the first phase they will be adjusted in the communication sector of CPEC project, and the advantage they will get will be much more than the cost which Punjab incurred on them in CPEC project. It shows the level of sincerity to its people by sister province. The fact must be realized that they catalyze policies from the beginning and do proper home work.
At this point in time, such teaching and learning program is direly needed for the youth of Balochistan, it needs proper policy and strategy and allocation of huge sum of funds on priority, because the gains of this project will be availed by the fittest for the job.
In Addition to the said, Linking up Gwader port with the regional markets has been started that will connects the port city from China to Asia to the Middle East and to Europe, and opening up new markets is vital with vast trade opportunities. In CPEC next phase industrial zones are proposed at Quetta, Gwadar, Khuzdar, Uthal, Hub and Dera Murad.
To be operationalized in the phases, Balochistan has not prepared any strategy so far. This needs a huge technical labor force that has to be equipped with all modern innovative means, knowledge and information.
Provincial government must concentrate for that particular important sector for developing the labor and manpower force that the people of Balochistan will not be aliens.
Balochistan Government must adopt policies to concentrate more viable economic earning sectors priority to explore more economic sectors there are many opportunities in tourism, archives, mines and minerals, fisheries, livestock, agriculture sectors etc.
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