Letter: Say no to Child Labor

Child labor is defined as work that has the ability or potential to deprive children of their childhood. It is no secret that child labor is one of the major concerns that is ignored in third world countries like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan etc.
This year, on 12 June the tenth anniversary of world day against child labor brought together the governments, employers and civil society to throw light for the protection of children from being laborers and to serve as a catalyst to address ways for its eradication and other fundamental human rights violation.
According to some studies of International Labor Organization (ILO) approximately 215 million children still work as laborers across the globe in all supply chains including agriculture to manufacturing and from domestic work and constructions in all means take risks to endanger their innocent lives. The main theme of the ILO is to educate children aged around 15 or 16 and train them certain skills to work in decent and proper place as adults.
Even millions and billions of boys and girls are engaged with certain improper works around the world that deprive them of quality education, freedom, health and some other certain basic rights .
Subsequently, the UNO and authorities concerned must come up with an idea to eliminate it and they should initiate additional educational projects to provide free education to those children, whose parents cannot afford their educational expenses and come together to end child labor.
Zeeshan Nasir Turbat
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