Letter: Success of DELTA School Turbat

DELTA School is located in Turbat city of Balochistan.
DELTA was established in 2006 and it is really a fetching institution for the students of Turbat.
In recent examinations of Matric the students of DELTA did not cheat a single world and got distinguishing marks.
Really a great change occurred in DELTA School due to mind-blowing thoughts of the principal of DELTA.
Education doesn’t mean to go to school and come at home rather it means to gain knowledge from everywhere and it is the DELTA which is bringing a momentous change in our surrounding or society in regard of education.
Every year the government of Balochistan is saying that they would prevent the cheating in Balochistan but, no essential steps are being taken by them.
Thumbs up to DELTA School and I hope that it sustains this splendid step in future.
I hope other schools will follow the lead of DELTA and improve academic excellence.
Munaj Gul Muhammad – Turbat
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