Mastung: People Face Severe Gas Shortage Ahead of Ramzan

Mastung: People of Mastung are facing severe gas shortage ahead of the holy month of Ramzan, learnt Balochistan Voices.
Gas pressure is very low in different localities of Mastung city. In the areas of killi Gilkand, killi Bahram shai, killi Tindlan , kili Khausam , killi Ishakina , killi Shams abad , killi Dand the gas supply is also non-existent.
People of the city are forced to purchase wood to be used as fuel for their household activities.
People complaint that despite low gas pressure Sui-Southern Gas Company (SSGC) sends heavy bills to the consumers, which is totally unfair according to them.
People of Mastung told Balochistan Voices that they are facing difficulties due to the gas shortage in their areas and further demanded that government should solve the matter as soon as possible.
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Deedag Baloch is a journalist based in Mastung district of Balochistan. He covers news stories from Mastung district and adjoining areas for Balochistan Voices.