Letter: Hepatitis-B A Silent Killer

Hepatitis B has turned into a silent killer worldwide. According to an estimate, 1 million people die each year from hepatitis B and its complications including liver cancer. In Pakistan, hepatitis B is reported to affect over 6 million people.
In some towns and villages especially in Sind and Punjab, over 20% people could be affected. Approximately 100,000 new people are infected with hepatitis B each year. Thousands of Pakistanis die each year from hepatitis B and its complications prematurely.
It is mainly due to the friction by the used syringes from different patients at public places. It is not impossible to reduce the figure of effected people by providing them the best quality and preventable treatment.
Similarly, in the areas like Turbat, Gwadar, Pasni, Nalent and Jewani including the northern regions, the disease has been on at alarming level. But yet the government of Balochistan has not shown any seriousness to eradicate the dangerous ailment. The government of the province must focus on the improvement of health around the province by facilitating the hospital with modern technologies.
The main reason behind the increment of the disease in Balochistan is due to the carelessness of the people and the high level of drugs consumption where the people of every age are addicted. Unfortunately, the government along the media has completely turned a blind eye on this side.
It is high time the government takes action to eradicate Hepatitis in the province.
 Aqil Baba – Kech
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