Municipal Committee Kalat Employees not Paid Salaries for Months

Kalat: Employees of the Municipal Committee Kalat have not been paid their salaries for several months, learnt Balochistan Voices.
Muttahida Federation, a union of the employees, claimed that Municipal Committee Kalat employees are deprived of their salaries for several months and they are facing a lot of problems which is an extreme injustice.
Mr. Habib Ahmed Khan an employee of municipal Committee Kalat told Balochistan Voices that the workers were in distress over denial of salary as they had only one source of income.
“Non-payment of salary had caused great unrest among the committee employees. Despite the unfavorable security conditions in Balochistan, the Municipal Committee employees did their duty diligently. The government was indifferent to the employees’ misery and that the matter was taken up with the relevant officials on several occasions, but to no avail,” lamented Mr. Khan.
Mr. Mohammad Hameed, another employee of Municipal Committee Kalat, said “our basic needs can’t be fulfilled because of our salaries were stopped and we didn’t have sufficient money for medication of patients at our homes.
“We will not work until the salaries are paid to us,” he warned.
Municipal Committee Kalat employees demanded from Chief Minister (CM) Balochistan and Secretary Local Government to solve their problems.
They also demanded the intervention of the Additional Chief Secretary and Local Government director to end the misery of the municipal committee’s workers.
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