Similarities Between Kurdish and Balochi Languages

Tariq Jamaldini
Kurdish is the language spoken by the Kurd nation who dwells in Middle East. It has been said by many people that Baloch and Kurd are historically and culturally related. However, very few people know that there are stark similarities between Balochi and Kurdish languages.
Following are few words in Kurdish language which are also used in Balochi language with the same meanings:
Kurdish               Balochi               English
Mn                        mn                         Me,I
Chonit                 chonit                    How are You?
Jwan                    Jwan                      Nice/pretty
Wala                   Wala                      I swear to God
Ka                        Ka                           Who
I                           Mun                       Me
Chi                      Chi                          What
Na                       Na                           Not
Yak                      Yak                        one
DO                      Do                          Two
Sai                      Sai                           Three
Char                  Char                          Four
Mezan              Mezan                       Big
Gran                 Gran                          Heavy
Thenak            Thenak                        Thin
Mard               Mard                           Husband
Mar                Mar                              snake
Kirm              kirm                               Worm
Ghost            Ghost                             Meat
Dil                 Dil                                heart
Khust            Khust                             To kill
Muj              Muj                                Fog
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