Fake Doctors Playing with Lives of Residents of Surab

Adil Nazeer Hassani
In most cases, where a poor man in Surab suffers from a medical problem, it becomes a serious dilemma for him. Many of the vast rural areas of Surab have no proper health care facilities, and the local population has no option but to rely on some ill qualified quack, who claims some experience, but no any little knowledge of medical sciences.
Mr. IIyas Hassani a resident of U.C Mohlli, Surab told Balochistan Voices that same cheap alternatives to real doctors can easily be found on virtually any roadside in rural areas of Surab. They sit along the streets or in small kiosks, where patients may get relief from their current sufferings. However, the quack’s lack of scientific medical knowledge, unscientific drugs or un-sterilized equipment may lead the patient into some other life-threatening infection or disease like hepatitis B or C.
Even the current government, ordered health secretaries to take action against quackery, but so far nothing has happened. And when the government asked all local authorities to end quackery in their rural areas of sub-divisions. Many of them operate in rural areas of Surab but no result found about same circumstances, said by Mr. Hassani.
Mr. Gulshan Reki, a resident of Surab said that unqualified doctors are actually playing with millions of lives without any official license or qualification. Many poor people are forced to visit them. They don’t know that fake doctors will be the way of deadly diseases. They considered that in some little amount of money I can cure my disease. Then why I visit to qualified doctor with expensive fee.
Even when his patients were questioned about their choice of this illegal health-care service, most of the patients said that they are from poor families and cannot afford anything else. Unqualified doctors and others such quacks are charging as little as 100 rupees for the check up and also provide cheap unregulated medicine, lamented Mr. Reki.
The people of rural areas of Surab requested all concerned authorities and CM Balochistan to crack down on such kind of fake doctors, who are playing with human lives in Surab and its rural areas especially U.C Mohlli.
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