Major Problems in Balochistan

Bakhtiyar Phullan
Balochistan is the largest province of the country and it is facing some major problems such as poverty, inflation and many other unresolved issues.
According to an scrutiny organize and carry out by the government of Balochistan which shows that the half of the province is facing poverty and it is increasing day by day and the population which is earning their life below the poverty-line in which the people are deprived of basic necessities of life such as medication, food, shelter, edification and clothing are necessary to live. It is really a disappointing for the people of that province which is full of resources still the citizens are living a poverty lives.
Terrorism is act of terrorist which is creating violence among the common people of the province, which can’t let anyone to live in peaceful life and it is the biggest problem which is going on from many decades.
Literacy is clear that those persons which is the aged of 15 or above who can “read” and “write”. According to this definition, Balochistan officially reported to have low literacy rate in our country. Even for those who are called as “Literate” are only able to read and write, which in today’s skill oriented world is static considered as illiteracy. These all are occurring due to poor education system of province.
Corruption and political instability
Balochistan is facing corruption and political instability which is the major problem now a days. It is interesting to note that due to the international interfering and skill full manner the very same people that we label as corrupt just some time ago, responsibility and reproach, come back to govern us after a couple of years again and people welcome them with open arms. This is possibly also the main reason why the political process in Balochistan is not let to flourish physically.
Overpopulation, inflation and unemployment
Overpopulation, inflation and unemployment is the major problem of Balochistan. According to accurate figures may be fine above the officially reported facts, the province has an estimated 2% growth rate which for a province of official population of 160 Million turns out to be approximately around 3.2 Million every year. About 40% of the population is already living under poverty line and 5.6% official facts and figures of the population is without job, the ever growing population of Balochistan is just adding to the problems of the previously under pressure state.
In conclusion I would like to say that these are the main problems which can create further problems for the citizens of Balochistan as well as these all problems are connected with each other and if from them one problem will remains alive, surely that give birth another problem and we can say that these all problems are like a chain. If we want to eradicate the problems of Balochistan, we need to eradicate all problems and it is my humbly request to the concerned authorities to take a serious action in order to bring peace in Balochistan.
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Writer teaches at DELTA.
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