Kalat: District Administration Announced Establishment of Free Tuition Centers

Adil Nazeer Hassani
Kalat: Deputy Commissioner (DC) Kalat Aziz Ullah Gharsheen and District Education Department have announced the establishment of free tuition centers in Kalat city for matriculation students. In these tuition centers students will be taught mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry.
Mr. Aziz Ullah Gharsheen the D.C of Kalat told Balochistan Voices that the purpose of these free tuition centers is to help the matriculation students who are weak in major subjects of SSC, they can get benefit by studying with qualified teachers.
Further D.C Kalat added that Classes are being launched on 9th of January 2017 at Government High School Police Line Kalat and Government Girls High School Kalat till to 15th of February 2017.
Mr. Rafique a student of Kalat, said that it is a great and thoughtful act by D.C Kalat for SSC students of Kalat district. Because these Free tuition centers help us in preparation for upcoming our SSC exams without any payment or cost.
Many of students belonging from poor family and they cannot afford private tuition centers, who are paying 500 per subject. Now it is a huge opportunity for students of Kalat district to attend the free classes in these free tuition centers.
Mr. Khalil Ahmed a student of Surab, Kalat said that the announcement of establishing free tuition centers in Kalat is one of the bright opportunity for matriculation students of Kalat. Many students of Kalat are attending their coaching classes in Quetta city and disburse big of amount in different private academies.
The students have mostly faced problems in major subjects of SSC like Math, physics, chemistry and biology. So these four major subjects are being taught by qualified teachers in free tuition centers of Kalat without any fee.
I appealed to my all classmates and students of SSC Kalat district to attend these free classes in Government High School Police line Kalat and Government Girls High School Kalat, on Monday, added Mr. Ahmed.
The students of Kalat have appreciated Deputy Commissioner Kalat and District Education department, who have established such kind of free centers in Kalat.
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