Closure of Educational Institutions of Union Council Hajika, Surab is Unacceptable

Adil Nazeer Hassani
The councilor of UC Hajika, Social and tribal leader Mir Lal Mohammad Nichari, Ex-councilor Aman Ullah Reki, Rasool Baksh Mohammad Hassani and Mir Ahmed Mohammad Hassani told Balochistan Voices in their joint statement that DEO Kalat must end his academic hostility towards schools of UC Hajika.
They alleged that teachers are paid their salaries when they sit in home all time and don’t take classes. Despite the passage of one month the Teachers of Government Girls High School Hajika seems absent. This series has been going on form last three to four years. “We are giving applications to Education officers again and again but no one act against him,” the added.
All students of Government Girls High School Hajika appealed to Education department of Balochistan to make sure attendance of their teachers.
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