Data Journalism Section Launched by Balochistan Voices

Balochistan Voices has formally launched its Data Journalism Section after publishing a series of Data Journalism Stories.
Balochistan Voices has the distinction of becoming the first media outlet in Balochistan to have published a Data Journalism Story.
Now, team of Balochistan Voices intends to increase the frequency of the Data Journalism Stories production starting from the stories on Balochistan Budget 2017-18.
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Initially the focus of the Data Journalism stories of Balochistan Voices would be on Socio-economic issues of Balochistan such as Health, education and Governance. With the passage of time Balochistan Voices will also shift towards produce Data Journalism stories about National level in Pakistan.
Balochistan Voices also intends to train the very first batch of data journalists in Balochistan and also intends to pay handsomely for Data Journalism Stories in the near future.
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