US-Saudi Arms Deal

Asad Zia Mughal
The first visit of President Trump to Saudi Arabia where he spent some precious time meetings with King Salman and other dignitaries and also signed the Arms deal in which America will provide the latest weapon to Saudi Arabia immediately to strengthen their Defence system at a cost of about $110bn immediately. The whole deal is more than $350 bn in which America will provide the latest weapon in next ten years. The deal was the result of the continuous negotiations started after the election 2016 between the Saudi crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman and President’s Son-in-law Mr. Jared Kushner who is the senior adviser to the Donald Trump.
After this deal, President Trump also announced that this is a great day for America because this deal provides hundreds of Jobs to the American people and it was also his slogan during his election campaign. In the President Trump’s visit, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was also with him and in joint press conference with Saudi counterpart he announces that they have common views about the terrorism and regional Security. The basic purpose of this deal was to counter the Iran aggression in the region. King Salman gave the warm welcome to President Trump and also awarded the Saudi’s prestigious civil award “Collar of Abdul Aziz Al Saud.” President Trump cheered up with this deal and also participated in the Saudi traditional sword dance with King Salman. President Trump was also in a view that he will give the speech on Islam to have tolerance and also invites the Arab world to join the hands with United States of America to counter the terrorism.
This visit had so much importance by measuring that King Salman himself received the President Trump on Airport which was not given to President Barrack Obama during his last visit due to his lenient view about Iran.  Some CEO’s from major US companies also joined Mr. Trump on a visit. There they show their keen of investment about to $15 bn in the field of Oil and Gas. President Trump also gave the keynote speech in the meeting of more than 50 regional leaders by adopting the narrative to fight against the radicalism in the Muslim World. He was also of the view that Muslim world should drive out the terrorist from their places of worships. President Trump wants to give impression that this is fight between good and evil.
In my opinion this visit has the multiple aspects for both the countries and also has positive sum game as both the countries would gain through this arms deal. American President Donald J. Trump during his campaign had hard view for the Muslims and he was also on a view that he will bring the lost Prestige of America by generating the more revenue resources for the Americans. Donald Trump accomplished his promise regarding bringing the jobs for the Americans by signing the billion dollar arms deal.
America also needs its strong hold in the Middle East because Russia is already supporting Iran in the region. This is also the extension of Great Game between the United States of America and Russia. America desperately needs one of the reliable ally in the Middle East. So Saudi Arabia can be one of the best counterparts for this purpose because Saudi Arabia is also leading the Islamic Military Alliance (IMA) comprising of 34 Islamic states except Iran and Syria which is most likely to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The basic purpose for this alliance is to fight against the recent Islamic extremism in the Muslim World. Saudi Arabia also had significance in the Muslim world, so America can run its policies through Saudi Arabia in the Muslim world.
Saudi Arabia were also not feeling ease due to continuous Iranian aggression in the region by having the nuclear technology and also Iranian expansionism in the form of crescent around the Saudi Arabia was also the disturbing factor for the Saudis Kings. Donald J. Trump was also against the policies of Barrack Obama by giving some leniency to Iran. This view of the Donald Trump brings the hope for Saudi Arabia that U.S will support him as the Saudis were also not happy with the President Barrack Obama policy over the Iran and they support the President Trump having hard view over Iran. That’s why Saudi Arabia gives the warm welcome to US President and also signs a one of the big deals of the history for purchasing the latest technology weapon and equipment. This deal was signed to balance the threat.
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