Wild Life in Balochistan

Gulzaib Khan Tareen
The Forest and Wild Life Department of Balochistan has a century-old history. It remained the part of British administration, Federal Administration of Pakistan, and now provincial administration of Balochistan. Apropos to the history of the department today’s vantage point concludes that role and purpose of the department are not compatible with one another. It is pensive that most of the unique animals are facing extinction. Even the department is not capable of stopping the despicable deforestation and the deadliest phenomenon of the hunting. Rather than this, we are prone towards hunting diplomacy for Arabs pleasure.
Biodiversity is the beauty of Balochistan. Here, World Wild Life protection forums like World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) have raised concerns about the endangered animals like Balochistan Black Bear, Pygmas Jerboa (Tiny Mouse), Brown Rabbits, Markhor, and tortoise; Migrating Birds including Zaarhi, Zark (chakoor), Sisi etc. In marine life Dolphins, Whales, Marine Turtles and leather Back Turtles etc. Here the role of foreign Non-Governmental Organizations [NGOs] is more promising than the performance of the said Department.
The Forest and Wild Life Department work on a specific set of implausible rules and regulations, which needs to be replaced by feasible laws. Pragmatic steps need to be taken about the steep conundrum of hunting and deforestation. Just like other affairs of the province, Federal Government should act as the highest government in this regards also. Even specific funds are necessary to be specified for Wild Life Protection in the mammoth project of CPEC. Our ignorance of duties as society and department only makes us responsible for the havoc and mayhem of ecosystems and habitats.
The writer is a student of law at Punjab University Lahore.
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