Three Contributors of Balochistan Voices Among the Arrested Students in Lahore

Quetta: Three contributors of Balochistan Voices are among the students arrested by Police in Lahore.
Suhail Mandokhel, Hazrat Shah Kakar and Gulzaib Tareen are the three contributors of Balochistan Voices who are arrested by Lahore Police.
Names of these three contributors are also included in the FIR launched by Lahore Police against the students of Balochistan.

Suhail Mandokhel even write a letter to editor on 24th January with the title Students of Balochistan in Punjab University Need Help.
Balochistan Voices condemns the arrest of all innocent students in Lahore including the three aforementioned contributors and demand their early release.
Update: All three of the Balochistan Voices contributors were acquitted by the court of law and were released by the Police.
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