HEC Blunder in BMC Test

Yasmeen Baloch
Bolan Medical College (BMC) is the only public sector medical college in Balochistan. Throughout the years the entry test of BMC was conducted by National Testing Service (NTS) but then students complained about its corrupt systems and test was handed over to Higher Education Commission (HEC). The date of test was 4th February, Timing was morning 10:00 AM. As usual students reached to test center (University of Balochistan) and a huge crowd of students, parents was seen. Female students were allowed to enter the entrance and males were told to wait outside the gate. When students reached there, they were told to show their CNIC and slips, then students sat down and waited till 12:00 and test commenced at 12:30. This mistake was ignored, however the question books were distributed and test started. The beginning of test and the terminating point of test kept the all students in confusion.
When NTS was conducting the test, still there were objections because that was also not free of corruption, the seats were sold, recommendation was on the peak, but staff was not weak. When HEC took the test so the first thing that was noticeable was the poor staff. Many mistakes, blunders were found in HEC like;
1) Poor Staff
2) Invigilators telling answers to candidates.
3) Siblings, cousins sitting together
4) Wrong answer keys
5)  Question book given to students outside the centers.
6) Allowing cellphones
When these all issues came to light so students started protesting in front of press club Quetta, but no one listened to them. Students who prepared for two, three years didn’t get satisfactory results from HEC.They continued their protest but neither DC, politicians, CM nor any media gave them coverage.They are protesting for six days but no news channel gave them coverage. CM promised to them that test will be canceled, but the High court rejected the case and now HEC has also uploaded the result. Each and Every year more than 2,000 students appear in entry test of BMC and as usual, some seats are sold, some are recommended, and some are given to the close relatives of the management staff.
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Medical is a very fair profession but so much corruption and so much injustice is in tolerated. Uploading wrong answer keys, allowing cell phones in test centers, telling answers to each other, are not terms of a fair educational system. Needless to say that educational system in Pakistan is destroyed and it is a good source of income for the people involved in the whole process of education but so much destruction can lead the country to a more destructive state. Students are sitting in front of press club appealing for justice but where are the all so-called leaders, the so-called media and the so-called district commissioner who can’t save the future of their Provence. The test can be canceled and reconducted in two minutes but why too much halt?
Today we are deprived of honest doctors because there are too much insecurity and injustice in this field. Neither parents nor children can trust the educational system of Pakistan, that’s why students are moving to China and abroad for higher studies. It is requested to C.M and Media of Pakistan to wake up before it is too late.
What was the reason to disappoint the students?
Was it so difficult for HEC to manage those students?
Was the black money so less to increase their income that they uploaded wrong answer keys?
Who gave the right to these testing services to ruin the lives of students?
Why they take help of local teachers to make the Question papers?
Who are the invigilators in reality?
These all question arises in the minds of students and their parents. Some students are from Quetta who prepares for the test but what about those who leave their family and live in hostels just for one test.
Is it justice to disappoint the students of Balochistan?
The people who misbehave with the constitutions of Pakistan are killed and prisoned but the biggest calamity of the constitution has been in the test of BMC taken under HEC but still, the government is sleeping.
It is a food for thought that for six days students are sitting in front of press club doing with hunger but still no one is present to ask their problems. The public, writers, journalists all appeal for justice for these students.
Now when all things are disclosed we appeal government to ban HEC, NTS from conducting entry tests of Balochistan. A new testing service must be organized under fair and responsible staff. Cameras must be present in test centers and staff must be highly educated and responsible. Test papers should be made from professionals and test should be prepared from the books of Balochistan Board only not from local notes, dockets, SAT, MCAT.
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