Mirani Dam Affectees Left Uncompensated

It has been almost more than a decade, since the Mirani Dam, one of the mega projects was launched by the federal government in Balochistan. The Dam was built on the confluence of the Neheng and Kech River known as Dasht River. The idea behind the construction of Mirani Dam was supposed to irrigating about 30,000 acres of agricultural land in the Dasht region.
Unfortunately, in June 2007, when the Cyclone yemyin hit the coast of Balochistan. It wrought unprecedented damages to the area and particularly those of three Union Councils of Kech district. Backwater of the dam unduly erupted severe submergence of the three Union Councils and left more than 50,000 people homeless within 24 hours.
The massive flood completely smashed down 30,000 acres of agricultural land, while thousands of date palms and other fruited trees fell to the ground. Though, in 2015, the then finance minister Ishaq Dar approved a compensation package for the affectees & later the funds were released. And the previous Deputy Commissioner District Kech Captain Sarmad Saleem made tireless efforts and he worked effectively to finalize lists of genuinely impartial estimated figures. For concerted efforts the DC Captain Sarmad was heaped up appreciations and the affectees became quite helpful, sooner or later they were, to receive compensation. Before should it have happened, unfortunately, the DC was transferred perhaps due to some unwanted political interruption.
Since then the entire compensation process came up to a standstill.
Despite the fact the funds have already been released for Mirani dam affectees, no headway has been made towards completing the compensation process for the victims.
Let us remind that previously the issue saw several protests by the affectees. And the compensation package was about to be doled out in 2015. Unfortunately, one of former DCs of Kech attempted to plunder the compensation amounts in a bid to partially favor some politically-affiliated men. And those previously bogus lists followed by anger and protests amongst the victims. The majority of the genuine affectees expressed dismay over the previously partial lists. During that period the Dam victims were robbed of their rights to receive compensation accordingly genuine estimated figures.
However, the estimated figures and lists which were finalized by former Kech DC Captain Sarmad Saleem after the consultation with the dam affectees, it was deemed to appear to be a genuine one. The affectees present a demand that the compensation package should be processed under this said genuine estimated. They plead the authorities to cave into their demands for a quick compensation.
More importantly, Mirani Dam compensation issue, here now vehemently deserves a sympathetic consideration.
The newly-elected CM Abdul Quddus Bizenjo should take action to ensure the immediate compensation to the Dam affectees so that it averts speculation and chances of any mishaps.
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