Poem: A Hope

Massad Noor
Deep down in my soul,
A wind of hope continues to float amid my consciousness,
Hope of love, Hope of Peace,
Hope of liberty and hope of compassion.
Hoping that one day this hope will Jubilate our lives.
Where our griefs will glide away on the wings of time,
Where Happiness, Joy, Laughter and compassion would float over our Land,
When Prosperity, Progress and Peace would be our destiny,
When my land’s appellation would be the symbol of pride,
When Farad’s endless love will meet Shireen,
And Mureed’s love for Hani would see no hindrance,
When this hope will jubilate our lives.
When the lionhearted Banadi will lead the troops
And would teach antagonists the subject of bravery.
When the benevolent Chakars would sacrifice their thrones,
For the honors of deferent Gohaars.
When the sterility of our society would end
And Hammal and Qamber would be born to defend against incursions.
When the world would be cognizant of Guhram’s heroics,
And the revenge taker Balach’s revenge.
When this hope will jubilate our lives.
When the promises would be kept like Jado
And when fidelity of my customs would be demonstrated.
When we would project the faithfulness of our culture,
Where a bowl of water assures the loyalty of 100 years.
When the melodic voice of Nako Fazuk would compel souls to dance,
With the mesmerizing poetry of Mullah Fazul.
When this hope will jubilate our lives.
When our Youth would quench their thirst with knowledge
And not with the blood of their brothers.
When our Sister would be our Path finders
And guide us to pinnacle of prosperity
When our leaders would learn from history
And endeavor for a progressive present and a successive future.
When this hope will jubilate our lives.
When we will be blessed with the benison of unity,
When we will learn the chapter of tolerance,
When we will adopt the charter of Peace,
When this hope will not be a hope any longer,
And when this hope will manifest and jubilate our lives,
When this hope will jubilate our lives.
The Writer student of LLB from Bahria University, Islamabad.
DisclaimerViews expressed in this article are those of the author and Balochistan Voices not necessarily agrees with them.
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