Stop Burning Your Money

Anwar Noor Baloch
It is today’s requirement to earn as much as “Money” we can. Does the earning of 10,000 OMR enough in a month? I will say “No”, if that amount is going to be burned without noticing. Are we really burning the money? Unfortunately, most of us are burning our earned money every day and we don’t feel it. That is the reason we don’t get rich or wealthy.
The problem with us is that we lack earning, savings and investing skills. Money management has become essential to prevent ourselves to become needy one day. Believe it or not, it is our own problem that, we first buy things that we don’t need them and then we complain about debts and out of money. We spend our money where it is at all not required.
I have noticed several times at malls where people visit for shopping and purchase pairs of shoes, though they have. Is not this a way of burning the money? Sadly, it has become a part of our need to spend like a king, though we don’t have money. Is not this a stupidity to borrow from friends and relatives to satisfy our fake wishes?
Is it a good idea to buy that luxury car just to let people talk about “me” and to impress them? Today, people don’t care, what kind of food someone eats, what restaurant someone goes to, what kind of clothes “mark/ brand” someone wears, and what kind of car someone drives and in which house someone lives. Even, they care or talk, but for how long?
Never fool yourself by impressing others as it is a kind of burning the money. If it is a habit to go for shopping every day or three times a week, that habit should be broken and stopped at once, as that is also one of the ways of burning the money.
One of the problems in our society is that we always compare ourselves to others. If she has it, I must have it. If she buys stuff of high-quality mark, I must buy it. Let us ask, some of those questions. Are our needs similar? Do we earn the same amount of money every month?
It was rightly said that; “spend like a bigger and invest like a king”. I don’t understand why people don’t learn from rich people in earning, spending and investing like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark, and Mukesh Ambani. Most of these rich people live a very simple life. I have not seen them burning their money, though they are rich.
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