Balochistan Voices Condemns Suspension of Cellular Services

Quetta:  Balochistan Voices strongly condemns the suspension of cellular and internet services in 12 major cities of Pakistan from 7th till 10th September.
The suspension of services was on the pretext to prevent any untoward incident during the Ashura processions. Although Balochistan Voices fully supports the government of Pakistan in providing security to the Ashura procession, we do not agree with the suspension of cellular and internet services as an effective means to provide security.
Suspension of cellular and data services is a gross violation of the digital rights of people of Pakistan. At the same time, the suspension of these services severely affects the nascent digital economy in the country. There is no also no empirical evidence, which suggests that suspension of cellular and data services can be a meaningful means of security provision.
Therefore, Balochistan Voices decries the decision to suspend cellular and data services and urges the government to reconsider this decision for next year.
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