Parav Adabi Kachari Announces to Organized Book Heritage Fair on 1st January

Ameer Abbas
Quetta: Meeting of Parav Adabi Kachari was held on Qambrani Road, to discuss the struggles for ‘Book heritage’ under the chairmanship of Saeed Noor, on Saturday.
The joint meeting of Parav Adabi Kachari, Nishist Online and YCSF was held to promote the book culture in different areas of Balochistan, access to general books of school students and extracurricular books. Practical steps to create and connect campaigns for literary activities were discussed.
The decision was taken to set up a book fair with the co-operation of YCSF, Nishist  Online and the time and venue of the book fair was not determined, for which Parav Adabi Kachari chairman Saeed Noor Convened a meeting of organization officials and members.
It was decided in the meeting that on 1 January 2020, the book fair will be launched by spreading the agenda of the struggle for “book heritage”. It was decided that different nations celebrate the new year in many different ways, but we have decided to inaugurate the new year with Books to convey our message about the benefits of spreading book culture to the nation.
The decision of Munir Ahmed Chowk (Saryab Road Quetta) for the place was final. Thus, the regular launch of “Book Heritage Jihad” will begin on January 1, 2020, from Munir Ahmed Chowk Sariab Road. While the Chairman of Parav Adabi Kachari appealed to all his friends to introduce a culture of exchanging books with each other through one of his messages. Especially given the clear message to the literary organizations that they join us in becoming part of the “Book Heritage Struggle” by the support of their own organizations.
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