Only Economics Can Change the Fate of a Nation

Ehsan Lashari
Many nations have been running from pillar to post in search of changing and eternal revolution. Many nations have found different ways to rule over the world and to evaluate public future, among the tries of different exertions. The story stopped in honor of economics, every pain has halted in front of economics yet ramifications have been told to every corner that word of changing and revolution do not keep any price without economics.
In accordance with cost of economics; dreams of prosperity, incalculable efforts, and grandiloquent steps might be failed without economics emulation. Many countries like Malaysia, China, America, Russia, Britain, and Singapore have kicked out periods of doldrums and plunged lights over the value of economics. On the contrary, trudging of other nations to gain prosperity without giving the values and rights to economics is like crying in the wilderness for against the purpose of overcoming series of doldrums. The story of developed nations without economics is like a narration of cock and bull story.
The avowed revolution and slogans of changing have bred symptoms to plight the abysmal price of economics and its oneness against aim of gaining prosperity for respecting public, country and nation. In current scenario, the powerful and coercive nations are those who have taken economics seriously as a symbol of creation, and changing. The ostensible paradigms of developed and veto nations are those who have given economics its right place and contextualized the economy uncommonly and made proper justice with economics. The current situation and deprivation of our country on diplomatic level and also on domestic level is, if and only, for economics verge.
In order to gauge the importance and depth of economics, a little instance is taken from various pages of history. The complete paradigm of economic prosperity are also the kings of whole world due to its economics and serious respect of economics its policies and reservations. During couple of detonations on Japan in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, from America, have deposited Japan in full blown crisis which is now technological and economic hub. But Japan have repatriated itself and driven its nation to matchless economic concerns with giving value to economics. Japan had almost ignored the destruction and casualties and opened the ways to retaliate America on economic climate. In this aggression millions of people were killed most of them civilians, but reflection to this Japan found the proper ways of this incendiary destruction and lapsed to America because it showed nonchalant behavior and tried to fend nation economically. To ramify Japan has economic hub today where it is also able to defy any kinds of challenges on foreign or domestic level even today world and also America are destitute without technology of Japan.
Let’s take an example of most powerful country on economic level, the country which economic strength is always written in pages and rumors are made every day for economic climate, America, a country which has dominated all over the world due to strengthening the economics. its pristine economic policies, reservations and even damned steps have made it too took over the world. A country which has power to do anything against anyone and has powers to violate laws. However, many other countries believe that the existence of this world is due to American economy, and countries which are under the domination of American economy may not show their existence without American innuendoes, it is due to strong economics. The different ways which America follows may be supposed unscrupulous paths for other countries but introspection of having weak economies might not keep any value without American crutches. But on the other side America does not have any value without its economics because of having warmongering habits and continuous violations of laws may deteriorate its economy but still America has strong economics.
The presentation of any country or nation and its apex structure put in place is seen by other nations due to economic powers. Further give a backdrop of other instances of other Nations, China would get its place and beat all the recent and deeper recesses of world. China is a country which has got its freedom just about fifty decades ago have completely taken over the world, its gadgets, companies and technological advancements have made collective ownerships and its continuity brought this country to rule over the world. since its freedom this Nation has taken only common steps to strengthen economics, the distant measures on economy; China has different aims to make its economics stupendously valuable. it ought to be possible that population of China may cause of disturbance but this kind of facile problem could not affect the affection of China where fatigue working upon economics put china on the list of great Nations.
Ideally, it is vindicated that great nation or dreams of becoming great, and hopes of changing do not keep any cost without toiling upon economics. for reasons more than one and instances that everyone have witnessed that only economics has an arm of changing of any Nation, because a strong economy reflects strong society, and society reflects strong country and strong country reflects strong nation. it is also a saying of one of great writer Yuval Noah Harari he depicts “for thousands of years, until about 1850, you see humans accumulating more and more power by invention of new technology and by new systems of organization in the economy because now world has aware of the importance of economics, that real improvement is camouflaged under strong economics not in weapons, so if any nation wants to change itself, go for strong economics.”
The writer is a student of Economics at the University of Balochistan Quetta and regularly writes about the economy.
Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are those of the author and Balochistan Voices not necessarily agrees with them.
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