Was that All a Dream?

Munaj Gul Muhammad
Sara Baloch still yearns for a groovy education in a standpat Baloch society as a female. She wishes to put on a dynamite performance to face all the arduous challenges of her society, by hook or by crook. Being an inspirational figure has always been the dream-life for a bypassed being like her, but literally, the society beholds a diverse tale for every girl in the surrounding. She always dreamt a dream for a better future with full freedom. Some people always went against it, for, they believe, girls deserve no freedom.
In reality, females are eagles born to fly very high, but society has shattered their wings and made them susceptible. It always tries to engage them by taking their dreams afar. The society makes them helpless. They speak in silence.
Mostly, many masses want to chain the females up. For them, gender matters the most. They say, females are born to be married off and should only birth children. Whatsoever they think matters the most to me. Females are born to live freely in creating their own dreams. They structure the society by helping the males in many situations. Without them, society ends in no time.
The world today recognizes the right of every girl to have a say, to have an education and a better life. But in my society, most females leave their education when they are married off or when they pass their matriculation for many societal reasons.
“As a female in Balochistan, I was compelled to relinquish my education when my parents married me off at a very young age. Very soon after our marriage, my husband engaged himself in taking drugs. As a result of having drugs, he always beats me to give him money to have more drugs. Being a woman (mainly his wife), I say nothing and bear all the difficult situations. I engage myself in the embroidery to earn a small sum of money to feed ourselves. It was too tough for me to say goodbye to my education, but I did. It ended my future dream to becoming a doctor.” Bewails a 14-year old girl in low-spirited. She wishes to be unknown.
The society has already bucked her dream. It might remain unimaginable for many men. She opted for marriage rather than education, most members of the society believe. To them, they were to be right, but the reality always differs from the say of everyone_ someday.
“To become a lawyer was the foremost dream that I dreamt whole the life. The members of my family tried to stop me from getting an education and having knowledge about my rights including other females. They still want to annihilate my dream. They created difficulties on my way to education. I still wish to be a lawyer by dint of never-ending and strong vision that I have since my childhood.” speaks Sara when I questioned her why she left her education without accomplishing her childhood dream.
I admit that it has been an uphill battle for those married females to get an education. They still dream of getting admission to a college or university to forth go their education as other men do.
Everyone says Sara’s education ends here (after passing her matriculation). But it did not. Yet she wishes to acquire further education to be able enough in grappling every situation.
The dream life convenes the females to imagine the life of beautiful creatures of God (females). How do they look like if remain uneducated and be unaware of their rights?
For answering my posed question, I oftentimes do not realize how quickly time passes. In thinking, days were converted into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years, but I failed to find the just answer to the posed question.
“In each passing night, I sit in a corner of my room and think about my existence. Sometimes, I laugh at myself, sometimes, I cuss myself as being a girl, and sometimes, I am proud as a peacock for being a very decisive young lady. I, too, laugh at the people around me.”  says Sara.
Everyone has the right to freedom. In freedom the individuals mainly find their every sparkling talent. Balochistan possesses manifold creative females, but they are all in chains. They contribute a lot to the development of our society if they are treated equally.
Abruptly, last night, I saw a little angel who greeted me with a big smile. After all, I beamed and everything changed accordingly. I could not tell if it were real or a hallucination I was seeing.
The writer is a student of Law at Faculty of Law, University of Turbat, and a part-time teacher at DELTA. He can be reached at munaj1baloch@gmail.com and tweets at @MunajGul
Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are those of the author and Balochistan Voices not necessarily agrees with them.
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