Gwadar’s MNA Opposes Fencing of the City

Quetta: Aslam Bhootani, a Member of the National Assembly (MNA) representing Gwadar, has opposed the fencing of the city under the pretext of security.
He expressed his reservations over the project while talking to media personnel. He said that this project will create doubts in the minds of the locals.
Bhootani further said that He would take up the issue of fencing of the port city with the top political and military leadership of the country.
“It is a need of the hour to make Gwadar a business-friendly port city for purpose of investment and economic progress instead of converting it into a security zone,” He told Newsmen.

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Bhootani added that fencing would divide Gwadar into two parts, he said, adding that the hopes and dreams of locals regarding their prosperity through the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would be shattered. “The people of Gwa­dar will consider themsel­ves alienated from the game-changing mega project,” former speaker of Balochistan Assembly claimed.
Moreover, the leadership of the National Party and Balochistan National Party – Mnegal met on the sidelines of the PDM rally in Lahore. Leaders of both parties agreed to adopt a joint political strategy to oppose the fencing of Gwadar.

Earlier on 11th December, People from all over Balochistan criticized the fencing of Gwadar on Twitter using the hashtag #StopFencingGwadar.
Fencing the City
Last week, the government of Balochistan started fencing 24 sq. km of Gwadar city by laying barbed wire. The fencing will surround the deep seaport, built and operated by China. However, the China-funded New Gwadar International Airport and 80 newly built housing projects will fall outside of the fence.
According to local media reports, there will only be two entry points to the fenced part of the city, and more than 500 high-definition cameras will be installed for surveillance.
Gwadar is the center stage of $50 billion in Belt and Road projects in Pakistan. It was stated in the Gwadar Master Plan, approved earlier this year, that the ort city will be converted into a weapon-free zone, and fencing the city is a part of that plan.
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