Hazara Killings: New Year With New Tragedy

Nabila Malik Haya 
It wasn’t the usual morning when I  took the sip of my coffee and forgot to take another sip after watching the news of the Mach incident.
It was the third day of a new year that we started praying and hoping of not hearing such news but ahh!  the only third day of the year 2021 and made Balochistan mourned.
Terrorist attacked one of the coal mines in Mach and killed 11 people and many injured.
They killed the innocent souls that had nothing to do with them, who have nothing to do with their revenge or whatever they call it. Who were just there to work and feed their families, most of them were the only source of income in the family. They tortured them and sent them to the grave without telling them what was their sin.
While reading this terrible news, all the previous incident, that I will never be able to forget, flashed back in my mind. One by one, I remembered all the violent events that occurred in my province.
The pain we suffered, the blood that this land observed, and the tears that mothers wept.
 We remember all and is enough to make us cry
It’s been more than a decade that Balochistan is facing such incidents in the region. The bomb blasts on University busses, target killing of Shia and Sunni, the 8th August blast on lawyers, and many more.
Whenever Balochistan thinks it’s gonna be peace they attack us, whenever we think it’s done they come back with the biggest violent act for us. They kill our people and we protest on roads, mothers cry, media reports,  government officials give the statement, security gets increased and then it vanished for them like it never happened.
But we the masses living in this region know something else is coming, another tragedy might on its way. Maybe more critical and brutal.
We will not blame who the terrorists were, we will not claim that they are from Afghanistan, India, or any banned religious organization.  Because we want it to end. We are done with such incidents daily weekly monthly and yearly we face, the minds of the people living in Balochistan are frightened by such incidents. Peace is the only thing this region demands.
My generation the young generation of the province has seen a lot of blood in Quetta, Mach Turbat, Pishin, Chaman, and everywhere in  Balochistan. Now we are very concerned not to give this future to the next generation, the girls and boys who are in schools collages, faraway from practical life, enjoying their days we don’t want it to end their mental peace by observing more harsh acts.
Let’s hold our hand’s lets demand for peace together to get it to an end. Let’s demands  peace for  our land,  let’s sing this poem  together:
Imagine there are no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion, too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace
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