Impact of Tourism on a Country

Bakhtawar Baloch Rakhshani 
Tourism has the potential to stabilize a country along with countless opportunities. Around the world, 44% of countries count on tourism for at least 15% of their workforce and national GDP; additionally, it contributes 5% of global GDP. Moreover, according to the United Nations, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) traveling and tourism have gained immense popularity over the last two decades and supposed to be one of the leading economic sectors in the world. There is no doubt that with the help of tourism a country can develop in several aspects.
Tourism will bring immense opportunities which can aid to boost a country’s economy. Tourism considered to be one of the most important tools for growing the economy. If the sector is well-organized, the number of tourists will increase on a large scale; consequently, a positive result will be seen in economic growth. Since tourists visit attractive sites and venues, it creates lots of opportunities for the private and public sectors to invest their sources and gain huge profits. Countries that have the potential to cater to tourists, can make a huge impact on their GDP. For example, countries that have gained popularity among the people due to their attractive tourist sites such as, Bangkok, which hosts 22.7 million and Thailand hosts 38.28 million tourists each year.
A country with lots of tourist sites decreases the unemployment rate. When the rate of tourism increases in a country; as a result, the demand for hotels, transportation, shops, and restaurants will increase at the same time. Furthermore, there will also be a need for workers to serve in these sectors. Ultimately, people get jobs in large numbers, and the rate of unemployment will go down.
One of the most important benefits of tourism is that it helps in improving the construction of roads, parks, community areas, and tourist sites. As a result, a country can maintain its infrastructure and introduce more and more projects in order to give an advanced shape to the country. In addition, the local community can also avail the benefit of infrastructural development.
Tourism also plays a pivotal role in the maintenance of archeological sites. When a country earns a huge amount of money from its tourism sector, it becomes its first priority to work and gives much importance to preserve the historical and archeological sites in order to attract more tourists all around the world.
Tourism has also been proved productive to create a positive image of a country in the world. The more people come and visit a country, the more they will learn about its culture, tradition, and custom. Because tourists take an insight into each and everything while visiting a country, they come across the positive side of a country and admire it once they are back to their own. As a result, a country gets a chance to make impressive impressions on its tourists and earn admiration among the tourists.
If a country puts some effort into its tourism industry and fulfills the demands of tourists, it will probably bring a positive change in its economy, wipe out unemployment, develop new projects, preserve its heritage, and raise a positive profile in the world. Tourism is a productive opportunity to make a place among the advanced countries in the world.
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