Dilemmas of Turbat University

Nawaz Nigwari
The University of Turbat is deemed to be the best knowledge-imparting institution in Turbat. It is situated in Ginna, a small area located in Turbat.  The construction of the University of Turbat was completed in 2019. It is almost 16 kilometers far away from Turbat city.
Albeit, the University consists of fourteen departments, including the department of Balochi, English Literature, LLB, Computer Science, Management Science, Commerce, department of natural sciences, Education, History, Sociology, and so on. With the same concern, it is estimated that more than 4,000 students are enrolled in the institution and the strengths, too, are increasing.
Considerably,  the students, who are enrolled in Turbat University, belong to various places of Balochistan like, Gwader, Pasni, Ormara, Mashkay, Awaran, Kuzdaar,  Mand, Tump, Dasht, Quetta, and some other nearby places.
Apart from this, the University only has one library which has limited seats for students to sit and study in their free time. Providing a well-equipped library to the students of the University is the need of hours because they hast to utilize their free time in studies.
Secondly, providing the full facilities of hostel rooms with other needed facilities to the students of far-flag areas is the best source to boosting up their confidence to take admission in the University with no tension. Although, in erstwhile, the strengths of the students are incredibly increasing and hostel-rooms are mingled with multiple students. The concerned institution hath to ponder about the facilities of the candles of Balochistan. Besides this, there exist only two cafeterias which are uncompromising to discount with students which might be unaffordable to the poor students.
Similarly, the food which is offered to the students is of low quality. It is full of oil and spices, which are unhealthy and dangerous for the health of the students. Several cases have been reported by the students. They have complained about abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, and some other such issues regarding health after medical examination, but all in vain.
In the same manner mismanagement of the cafeterias by preparing late, students usually become late for their classes and they have to wait until the food is to be baked and sometimes they attend their classes with an empty stomach which creates a psychological impact on their health and education.
The University, too, has two small stationary-shops where the students do their daily basis works, such as copying notes, buying notebooks, pens, and other stuff. However, most of the time they are so rushed that students are unable to buy required materials which became one of the reasons to be late in their classrooms.
If it is to mention about the hospital of university, surely, it is next to nothing. In an area where there is no medical facility. The University has failed to provide this basic need of the students, in a case of emergency the students suffer the most owing to it.
On the other hand, transportation has always been one of the biggest issues of the University of Turbat. Due to no space in buses, the students are compelled to stand-up on the bus which takes a long hour to reach the destination. The shortage of classrooms is another grave issue of the institution to be resolved.
The appointment of visiting lecturers under the teaching fellowship is an outsized issue as most visiting lecturers are unable to deliver their lectures to satisfy the need of the students.
Recently, the IG-FC of Balochistan visited the University of Turbat where he addressed the students and asked if they have any issues in their educational journey. To which, students demanded more buses and scholarships. But all in vain.
Being a student of Turbat University, I have been observing these issues that have been creating multiple problems for the students of the University.
The concerned authorities have to take the notice of these dilemmas and help out the students in their journeys towards imparting quality education.
The writer is a student at the English department of Turbat University.
DisclaimerViews expressed in this article are those of the author and Balochistan Voices not necessarily agrees with them.
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