GUDAI, Pakistan’s First Pashto Web Series Addresses the issue of Child Marriage

Peshawar: GUDAI is a short-form web series that speaks about the issue of child marriage in Pakistani society. The series is written and directed by Bakht Rawan Bakht, a renowned Pashto writer. The series introduces new and emerging artists from the Pushto Community like Manadar Sadiq, Bibi Shereena, Shabana Azmi, Roma, and Adnan Bakht. The series is setting a new milestone for the Pashtu content enthusiasts, both for the content creators and consumers.
The poor quality and unrealistic plots have presented a side of Pukhtun culture that is not factual with the reality which many Pukhtuns want to change. Women have been objectified and men owning both the gun and the girl, a stained narrative for the youth who do not want to be associate with the entertainment world telling the tarnished reality to the world. With “GUDAI”, RINSTRA will push the industry for better storytelling and production quality to revive the Pashto film and drama industry, especially for the platform economy.
Speaking at the occasion Minister for Culture Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Shaukat Ali Yousafzai said “We are so happy that this effort of RINSTRA will revive the film, drama, and storytelling in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This revival will also cater to the needs of the new techniques and approach required to make the younger population more inclusive and be able to understand the cultural strength of the people living in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa”
“Child marriage is a real issue in Pakistan”, said Adnan Shaukat, Chief Executive Officer of Classic Broadcasting, the production company that made the series “GUDAI” jointly with RINSTRA. He further said, “ever since the 18th Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan 1973, it has been the responsibility and prerogative of each province to legislate on the subject of marriageable age”. “Unfortunately, we have not been able to agree on the minimum age of girls for marriage across Pakistan, Gudai will address the Child Marriage issue in the local context for the potential 35 million native Pashto speaking viewers in Pakistan, said Adnan Shaukat.
Chief Creative Officer RINSTRA Technologies Misbah Ishak Khalid said, “RINSTRA is working to give opportunities to the young talent of Pakistan, and it is necessary to have locally produced content featuring our local artists addressing our local issues, it is necessary to improve the script, storyline and enhance the quality of production of series in the regional languages. “GUDAI”, will prove to be the first step towards this”, she further said.
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