Role of Youth in Rejecting Extremism

Shahbaz Munawar Kazmi
Freshness, mindset, and Planning are the common traits that Youth possessed which can be used to change the shape of the world. They have Energy for consistency. They have Authority to bring a change. They always hope for good. Their better imagination gives them better ideas. Their creative mind gives them innovation. Their unity gives them strength. They have the courage to raise a voice against cruelty. Youth is the hope of our future. They are the future. Willie Stargell says ” That’s where the future lies, in the youth of today” Youth is in a phase of preparation for real life. They have the capacity to create, contribute and make a difference. They raise their voice against the faults and flaws in society.
There are different extremist groups like Tehrik-e-Taliban (TTP) whose main targets are Pakistan Govt, Military, enforcement, Religious minorities, schools, and students. Extremist groups like Laskar-e-Taiba attacks Pakistan and the Indian Government, Military, and law enforcement. More than this, Laskar-e-Jhangvi attacks Shia, law enforcement, and mosques. In one way or the other, extremist groups breaking Pakistan and it’s the role of youth to wage the Jihad to save their country and Islam. Religious Extremism always remained a threat to Pakistan after 9/11. According to the US Institute of peace, over 80 percent die from terrorist attacks are in only 3 regions Iraq/Syria, Pakistan/Afghanistan, and Nigeria. In Pakistan, During the past decade acts and response to terrorism killed 20.000 civilians and security forces personnel and 30,000 terrorists. According to the Institute for Economics and Peace, Pakistan has ranked 4th at the highest number of terrorist attacks, 1760 attacks. Pakistani and Muslims are tagged as terrorists. There are also extremist groups in the USA like Army of God, Jewish defense league, Aryan nations, and alpha 66 and omega 7. There is also a terrorist organization in the USA and why only Muslims are tagged as Terrorists?
But the message of Islam is Peace. Islam’s message is killing one person is equal to killing the entire humanity. Then how can a Muslim do this?
The youth understood to be vulnerable to involvement in an extremist grouping. Terrorists are generally committed by young males aged 15-25. Youth get involved in violent extremist acts because they want a sense of identity, belonging, and acceptance. They want security, status, safety, and a way out of poverty. More than this, they want revenge and a utopian Vision.
We can prevent extremism in different ways like:
1) The greatest weapon that extremist groups have is the brainwashing of the youth. They brainwashed the persons. They misguide them in a way like you’ll go to heaven if you’ll kill everyone here and perform a terrorist attack. God will love you. People will be proud of you. You’ll be a national hero. Violence becomes legitimate in the mind of the perpetrator. Then the youth with immature minds do extremist acts. Youth can control this. They can build up their strong faith because a person with strong faith will never go astray. Nobody can change his mind with filthy stuff. They have believed in Allah and he’ll never perform anything that is against HIS will.
2) Extremism can be prevented if youth work with religious leaders and faith-based organizations. The Muslims Scholars who teach youth the correct way, Sirat-ul-Mustaqeem, guide them to the right path, tell them that message from Allah which was practically performed by Mohammad PBUH is peace and not terrorist attacks. They can put the misguided people on the right track.
3)In order to prevent violent extremism, Youth have to fight against corruption. Kurt Cobain says “The duty of youth is to challenge corruption”.
4)Youth in media can promote awareness about the evils of society. Youth is active in social media viz Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. They can spread positivity through this. They can share the message of peace and tolerance. They can aware people about the causes of Extremism and how we can reject them through our actions. Youth have the power to change the mentalities of the persons.
5)Youth have to promote rule of law. When people are devoid of their law they become criminals and extremists. When they are unable to get their right legally, they ll try to get their right illegally. This is how they will detract
6) Youth should promote justice between men and women gender. If any kind of lacking injustice for women, extremist feminists will arise. They’ll cause a long March. They will disturb the peace of society. If the youth help in providing legal laws to women that they are deprived of, Extremism can be reduced to a great extent. Youth can raise awareness about the rights given to women by the Sharia.
7)They can work with the government at the local, national, and international levels for the security of their country. They can make their societies and organizations l of students. Students can work as a secret agency like ISI and help the government to resist terrorist attacks.
8) When poverty will increase, terrorist organization will pay youth and can own them. A poor person wants nothing but food. The religion of a poor boy is a meal, and taking advantage of this situation they use them for illegal and immoral acts for their own benefit. . Youth can play a key role in controlling this and that is Zakat. With Zakat, we can wipe out Poverty, when we wiped out Poverty, we can control Extremism.Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau played his role to heal the wounds of those who are badly affected by ISIS extremists in the middle east. The youth of Iran kept rejecting radicalism in the past decade, 2017 election indicates that Youth was the key factor in President Rouhani’s Triumph. It is the youth of the USA that rejected the extreme rules of President Trump. The youth came out from all over the country to show their solidarity with the Mashal Khan’s death when he was killed by an angry mob. . Aitzaz Hasan was a young boy from Hangu aged just 15 who prevented a suicide bomber from carrying out a terrorist attack at School. He saved 2000 students and 2000 families and sacrifice his life. From the previous examples, we can see the power of youth who can make this planet a place worthy of living.
The writer is a student of the English department 4th semester at Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan.
Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are those of the author and Balochistan Voices not necessarily agrees with them.
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