Balochistan Voices Revives Fact Checking Section

Amid the flood of fake news and disinformation, which has engulfed social media in Pakistan due to the ongoing political crisis, team Balochistan Voices feel that its duty-bound to resume fact-checking.
Balochistan Voices started its fact-checking section called Factification in September 2017. This section produced a few stories and debunked fane news on significant topics.
Since, the fall of the PTI government last month, the frequency of fake news has increased considerably on social media platforms in Pakistan. These fake news posts are distorting the news landscape all over the country. If not countered, these fake news stories will significantly mislead the people, which will subsequently compel them to make incorrect decisions based on the fake news.
Therefore, it’s necessary that all digital media journalists need to understand the gravity of the situation and pool their resources to counter the menace of fake news.
In this context, Balochistan Voices announces to revive its Factification section. We aim to follow the guiding principles of the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) while operating our fact-checking section/
Balochistan Voices has created a new Twitter account for the Fact-checking section, which will be the main dissemination point of this section on social media.
Readers are requested to follow the Twitter account of the Fact Check section of Balochistan Voices and help us by reporting fake news stories that need to be debunked.
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