Western Media Propaganda on Uyghur Issue

Since the advent of China as a modern economic power, western countries do not miss any opportunity to attack China in the media. One of the main sources of criticism of China in western media is the issue of Uyghurs in the Autonomous region of Xinjiang. Western media has created a fabricated impression that China is persecuting its Uyghur population. This claim has been made so many times that many unsuspecting citizens in the west blame all the fabricated claims of western media about Uyghurs.
Against this backdrop, this study has been conducted to explore the issue of western media reporting on the persecution of Uyghurs.
This study was carried out to identify the deeper issues relating to how western media carries out propaganda on the issue of persecution of Uyghurs. For this study, a sample of articles published in western media was selected and studied using a qualitative study. The results of this study presented nine-point findings on how western media carries out propaganda.
1) Western media uses fake leaked documents to make fabricated claims about Uyghurs.
2) Reports of human rights groups are quoted to support the stories.
3) Western think tanks and universities also generate fake reports about Uyghurs.
4) UN reports are also misused by western media for propaganda.
5) Referring to claims about Xinjiang made by western governments.
6) Using claims of First-hand accounts from inside the internment camps in Xinjiang.
7) Making claims about Xinjiang using the sources of foreign journalists in mainland China.
8) Using the Uyghurs in exile to make claims about detention centers.
9) Propaganda is amplified by multiple stories on the same issue.
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