Violation of Women’s Rights in Balochistan

Nayab Bugti
Our homeland Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan full of natural resources and minerals and with very fertile soil producing honey-like sweet and fragrant fruits. Moreover, Balochistan is surrounded by sky-touching mountains full of precious elements like coal, gold, magnesium etcetera. In addition, Balochistan is the richest province of Pakistan by means of natural resources. But on the other hand, Balochistan is the most illiterate province with many other issues but the violation of Women’s rights in the name of religion or culture is the most prominent issue of Balochistan, and the issue which is greater than that is the women of Balochistan are mostly uneducated and they don’t know their own rights. The women in Balochistan are taught from their childhood that they are inferior to men and that they are nothing but the property of their father, brother, husband, and son respectively from birth till death. Even They are not given their basic rights like food and clothes by non-other than their parents. Young girls are not sent to school because people believe that if they are educated they will know their rights and will never accept the servitude of men and should always be dependent physically and financially on others. That’s why educated women are disrespected by everyone and are called insulting names in society.
In Balochistan being a woman is the largest and most unforgivable sin. People in our society consider a woman as the most foolish and evil creature created by the almighty, she is considered the root of all faults that are done by man. A woman can’t do a job in this society because it is considered an insult to her family, especially her husband and father but they can beat their wives in public places is that the most respectful act of all time? There is no value in any idea or expression of women, even the biggest decision of their life that is the selection of their better half is not taken by them. A man is always superior regarding his income, physical appearance, family status, or age, he is eligible for marrying any girl in their tribe.
The tragedy is that all these bad deeds are performed in the presence of religious people and Islamic scholars and they don’t even tell people about the rights of women in Islam in the light of the Quran and Hadith. Apart from that if a woman raised her voice for her right she will be murdered in the name of the nobility of her family and tribe.
There is a great need of educating women in Balochistan by building more schools and colleges in Balochistan along with female staff but also educating the man that what are the rights of their mothers, sister, and wife because they have to give all the rights to them. At last, I will say that women are not unnecessary creatures but humans and are important for the existence of humanity so they should be treated with love and respect. As our holy prophet, Muhammad (PBUH) said that “Paradise is under the feet of your mother”.
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