Dalbandin: Patients Facing Severe Problems in DHQ Hospital

Dalbandin: Patients are facing severe problems in Sheikh Khalifa Fahad Bin Sultan District Headquarter (DHQ) hospital in Dalbandin.
Sheikh Khalifa Fahad Bin Sultan District Headquarter (DHQ) hospital was established with financial help of Emirati Khalifa Fahad Bin Sultan in 2005 and shifted to provincial health department.
People come to this hospital from far flung areas of District Chagai but they face disappointment. Patients are compelled to buy medicines from medical stores due to lack of availability of medicines in DHQ hospital.
Waqar Reki, a local resident of Dalbandin told Balochistan Voices that there are no health facilities for patients in DHQ Hospital. “Health Department has left the people on the mercy of private hospitals where they can’t afford the expenses,” lamented Mr. Reki.
In emergency cases, doctors refer patients to Quetta for further treatment which puts the under privileged patient in dilemma.
“Government hospitals are for those people who can’t afford private healthcare but such people are forced to visit private hospitals” said Waheed Baloch, another resident of Dalbandin.
Patients in DHQ hospital of Dalbandin also face the problem of clean drinking water and electricity.
Patients told Balochistan Voices that most of the departments of DHQ hospital are often closed without any reason.
Medical Superintendent (MS) of Sheikh Khalifa Fahad Bin Sultan DHQ hospital did not bother to comment when contacted by Balochistan Voices.
Citizens of Dalbandin have urged Chief Minister (CM) of Balochistan, Nawab Sanaullah Zehri, to take notice of problems of DHQ Hospital.
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Yahya Reki belongs to District Chagai of Balochistan. He covers Quetta Division for Balochistan Voices. He also works as a newscaster at PTV Bolan. He is Alumni of the U.S/Pakistan Professional Partnership Program for Journalists in 2018.