Kalat: Only ATM Mostly Out of Order

Kalat: There is only a single Automated Teller Machine (ATM), installed in National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) in Kalat, which is mostly out of order.
Account holders are facing a variety of technical issues which include slow working and link-down of the ATM.
These technical issues with the machine mostly occur at the beginning of the month.
Faisal Baloch, a resident of Kalat, complained that “Using ATM has become a matter of inconvenience due to the faulty machine. Most of the time the only ATM remains out of order or its link is down.”
“These problems take place during the first two weeks of the month when salaries of employees are to be withdrawn,” added Mr. Baloch.
Mr. Baloch further added that if the ATM was functioning properly, a large number of people queued up outside to wait so as to draw money.
Abdul Aziz, another resident of Kalat, says that the ATM is considered to be a source of relief for the account holders in times of need of fast cash but in fact it has become a source of annoyance, mostly on salary days.
He adds that when somebody asks the reason for problems in withdrawing money from officers of the bank, they often have no satisfactory reply.
The users of the ATM in Kalat have appealed to the authorities concerned to ensure proper maintenance of the sole machine, and also requested for more installation of more ATMs in both public and private sector banks for the relief of the people of Kalat.
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